Mooncake filling is an important component of mooncakes, with a wide variety of types and unique features. Introduction to the classification of mooncake fillings:

1、 Classic filling:
1. Lotus filling: made mainly from lotus seeds, supplemented by sugar, oil, and other ingredients. The pure lotus seed filling requires all other ingredients except sugar and oil to be lotus seeds.
2. Five kernel filling: made from various different fillings, generally including walnut kernels, peanut kernels, pine nuts, sesame kernels, etc., symbolizing completeness and harmony.
3. Bean paste filling: a fine sand shaped filling made mainly from various beans, sugar, and fats.

2、 Special fillings:
1. Black Sesame Filling: A filling made by frying and grinding black sesame until fragrant, with a rich aroma and nutty texture.
2. Jujube paste filling: a filling made by boiling and stirring red dates into a paste, with a delicate and sweet taste.
3. Ham and Mooncake Filling: Using Yunnan specialty Xuanwei ham, with honey, lard, sugar, etc. as the filling heart, it has a fragrant ham and a sweet and salty honey taste.

3、 Healthy filling:
Sugar free mooncake filling: In order to meet the needs of specific groups of people, various sugar free mooncake filling materials have emerged in the market, such as chestnut, coconut, five kernels, white lotus, black hemp, green tea, etc.

4、 Innovative filling:
1. Snow mooncake fillings, such as cheese and lotus paste, combine traditional and modern elements to create new flavors.
2. Improved mooncake filling: On the basis of the soft outer cake skin, various traditional mooncake fillings such as five kernels, fine sand, matcha, grapefruit, etc. are added.

5、 Fruit series filling:
1. Fruit filling: refers to filling made mainly from natural fruit flesh or juice, such as strawberries, blueberries, etc.
2. Fruit flavor stuffing: A variety of fruit flavor stuffing, including but not limited to the following: strawberry stuffing, pineapple stuffing, sweet orange stuffing, cherry stuffing, mango stuffing, Hami melon stuffing, pumpkin stuffing, crystal sesame stuffing, orange stuffing, peach stuffing, apple stuffing, litchi stuffing, crabapple stuffing, etc.

6、 Vegetable series filling:

1. Vegetable filling: A filling made mainly from fresh vegetables or vegetable juice. There are various types of vegetable filling, including but not limited to the following: horseshoe filling, radish filling, chives and tofu filling, cabbage filling, vegetarian three fresh filling, green bean and corn filling, lettuce and peanut filling, purple potato and yam filling, tofu and carrot filling, radish and vermicelli filling, spicy mushroom filling, and grains filling.
2. Vegetable flavored filling: Mix less fresh vegetables into a filling with a vegetable flavor.

7、 Aquatic filling
1. Spanish mackerel and jellyfish filling: made mainly from fresh Spanish mackerel meat and jellyfish, mixed with chives, seasonings, and other ingredients. The Spanish mackerel meat needs to be washed and dried, then mixed with egg white and beaten evenly. Then, add water, seasoning, and other ingredients and stir evenly to make it.
2. Shrimp scallops and chives filling: The main ingredients are chives, water fried vermicelli, fresh scallop meat, and shrimp. Add seasoning and mix well. Shrimp should be removed from the sand line, scallop meat should be cut in half, and leeks and vermicelli should be chopped separately.
3. Ink fish and chrysanthemum stem filling: Using ink fish meat and chrysanthemum stem as the main ingredients, add seasoning and stir well. The cuttlefish meat needs to be washed and ground into mud, while the chrysanthemum stem needs to be washed and cut into small pieces.
4. Shredded Carrots and Shrimp Skin Filling: The main ingredients are shredded green radish, shrimp skin, watery vermicelli, and chives. Add seasonings and mix well. Blanch the shredded radish thoroughly in boiling water, remove and control the water, and chop it roughly a few times; Cut the vermicelli and leeks into small pieces.

8、 Meat filling

1. Pork filling: With a soft and tender taste and delicious meat, it is a common filling for dumplings, buns, and other pastries.
2. Beef filling: The meat is delicate and delicious, usually paired with vegetables such as chives and celery.
3. Lamb filling: The meat is fresh and tender, with a rich flavor, often paired with ingredients such as carrots and scallions.
4. Chicken filling: With a light taste and tender meat, it is suitable for people who like light flavors.

9、 Other fillings:
1. Purple sweet potato filling: made mainly from purple sweet potatoes through steps such as steaming, crushing, adding sugar, and butter.
2. Milk yolk filling: mainly made from salted egg yolk, egg liquid, milk powder, corn starch, coconut milk, light cream, fine sugar, butter, etc.

Each type of filling has its unique production process and taste, and you can choose the suitable mooncake filling according to your preferences and taste.