There are many types of mooncakes, but in terms of filling, what are the total types?

2024-05-26 20:49:07 admin

There are various types of mooncakes, and from the perspective of filling, there are mainly the following types:

1. Osmanthus mooncake: mainly filled with osmanthus, with a strong osmanthus aroma.

2. Plum dried mooncake: Plum dried filling, with a unique taste and moderate acidity and sweetness.

3. Five kernel mooncake: The filling includes various types of nuts such as walnuts, peanut kernels, pine nuts, sesame kernels, etc. It has the meaning of "completeness and harmony".

4. Dousha Mooncake: a filling made by steaming and beating red beans, adding white sugar, and then stir frying them. It has a delicate taste, sweet but not greasy.

5. Rock sugar mooncake: mainly filled with rock sugar, with a sweet and refreshing taste.

6. Black Sesame Mooncake: The filling is mainly made of black sesame, with a strong and fragrant taste.

7. Ham Mooncake: Using Yunnan's specialty Xuanwei ham, filled with honey, lard, sugar, and other ingredients, it has a rich taste, with both the aroma of ham and a sweet and salty honey taste.

In addition, there are various filling options such as meat floss mooncakes, egg yolk mooncakes, lotus seed mooncakes, and chestnut seed mooncakes, each with its unique taste and flavor. Different regions also have their own unique mooncake fillings, such as Chao style mooncakes, Dian style mooncakes, etc.