Common mooncake filling formulas

2024-05-26 20:51:04 admin

Here are some common recipes for mooncake fillings, as well as some common techniques and suggestions for making mooncake fillings:

1. Lotus filling: 350g lotus seeds, 150g corn oil, 180g white sugar.

2. Purple sweet potato filling: 500g purple sweet potato, 50g butter, 150g white sugar.

3. Black sesame filling: 400g cooked black sesame, 300g red beans, 150g peanut oil, 150g white sugar, and 300g maltose.

4. Bean paste and dried fruit filling: 500g red beans, 125g peanut oil, 200g white sugar, 60g dried cranberries, 30g dried blueberries, 30g dried mangoes, 50g medium gluten flour.

5. White kidney bean filling: 250g white kidney beans, 100g white sugar, 50g vegetable oil.

6. Winter Rong Filling: 5 pounds of winter melon, 150g of white sugar, 40g of butter.

7. Pumpkin filling: 200g pumpkin, 85g milk, 20g butter, 20g white granulated sugar, 50g cooked glutinous Rice noodles.

8. Jujube puree walnut filling: 450g of red dates, 15g of corn starch, 25g of coconut oil, 100g of walnuts.

9. Milk yolk filling: 3 salted egg yolks, 2 eggs, 40g fine sugar, 40g milk, 35g light cream, 38g low gluten flour, 18g corn starch, 30g butter, and 15g milk powder.

10. Cloud leg filling: 135g ham meat, 17g cooked flour, 135g white sugar, and 13g honey.

When making mooncake fillings, choose ingredients with high amylose content, such as chestnuts, red beans, mung beans, etc. These ingredients have a smooth and soft taste and are suitable as the main ingredients for filling. During the production process, starch particles are gelatinized and expanded through the cooking process, and non easily crushed skin residue and other substances are removed through the grinding and sand washing processes to maintain the delicate taste of the filling. Add an appropriate amount of sugar and oil during frying, so that the starch particles in the filling can fully absorb the sugar and oil, achieving the characteristic requirements of a delicate taste.

In addition, when purchasing mooncakes, attention should be paid to checking the integrity of the packaging, selecting simple, safe, and environmentally friendly materials for mooncake packaging, and paying attention to whether the ingredient list, net content, and other indicators are clearly indicated, as well as whether the shelf life, shelf life, and production date are indicated.