OEM processing, with a one-stop service of product planning, design, research and development, production, and after-sales service. We can process and produce products on our behalf:
☑ Cantonese mooncakes ☑ Chao style mooncakes ☑ Soviet style mooncakes ☑ Dian style mooncakes ☑ Beijing style mooncakes ☑ Coarse grain cake ☑ Cookies ☑ Chicken rolls ☑ Chinese pastries ☑ Rice cake ☑ Golden leg five kernel mooncakes ☑ Internet famous brushed mooncakes ☑ Double Yellow White Lotus Rong Mooncake ☑ Flowing Heart Milk Yellow Mooncake ☑ Granular Red bean soup moon cake ☑ Charcoal fired mooncakes ☑ Shark fin abalone mooncakes ☑ Snow skin mooncakes ☑ Chenpi Winter Melon Winged Mooncake ☑ Peach Mountain Skin Mooncakes ☑ Sugar free gold jade mooncakes ☑ Walnut black sesame mooncakes ☑ Matcha mooncakes ☑ Chocolate mooncakes ☑ Transparent skin series mooncakes, etc.